by Leah Lim


After working with the team at Facetime Skin Clinic on a skincare article for our Autumn Issue I realised how little care I actually took of my own skin. The article (which you can read here) is all about the importance of establishing a solid skincare routine at home in order to keep your skin glowing in between treatments. I decided to put their tips to the test and try out my own tailor-made skincare routine using a new skincare range called DMK. It is safe to say I was shocked at the results.

When I first went in for my consult with Melissa at Facetime I thought I had my routine pretty under control - remove makeup, cleanse, moisturise. That’s it right?? It turns out that $1.50 Kmart face wipes aren’t the blessing I thought they were and Mel quickly put me onto a new range of products to help with my skin concerns.

After struggling with hormonal acne for a good few years I was ready to try anything, even if it meant sacrificing my morning sleep-ins to make time for my new routine.

With each product tailored to my specific skin concerns it didn’t take long to see a change in my skin. The DMK products are loaded with active ingredients designed to change your skins function at a cellular level, instead of just on the surface like the products I was previously using. For the first time in a very long time I started to feel confident in my own skin - literally.



Alongside my at-home skincare routine I went in to Facetime for one of their DMK Enzyme Facials. DMK is the only company in the world to utilise the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes and I was lucky enough to experience the results first hand.

The process is designed to create a healthy environment for cells to live so that they thrive and produce healthy skin. Enzyme therapy is so effective because it works deeper than the surface of the skin and works with the body’s natural systems to create long lasting change.

Once the enzyme is applied to your skin you can feel it hardening on your face and neck and start to crack under the pressure. Although it was a strange sensation Melissa made the experience enjoyable and relaxing (plus she gives the best head massages ever!)

Straight after the treatment my skin instantly felt more vibrant and the texture felt smooth, plump and tightened. I am holding out for another treatment in a few weeks!

the products

Each product in my routine is designed to target a specific skin concern, with them all working individually and together to achieve the perfect results.

DMK Deep Pore Cleanser

I use this morning and night to give my skin a deep clean while brightening and smoothing the skins surface. I love this cleanser because the foaming gel makes it feel like your skin is getting a really deep clean but it is non-alkaline so it doesn’t give you that tight, uncomfortable feeling after cleansing.

DMK Melanotech Drops

I apply a few drops directly onto my skin straight after cleansing. These help to brighten up my skin tone and help with my scarring and inflammation from previous breakouts with active ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Mulberry & Licorice.


DMK Beta Gel

This is one of my favourite products which I don’t think I would be able to live without. I apply this in the morning to help to boost my skins immunity to cope with the hormonal breakouts while reducing scarring and treating skin damage and inflammation.

Acu-Crème + Herb and Mineral Mist

I use the Acu-Crème instead of a moisturiser morning and night. It is formulated especially for congested skin and has a lightweight formula with a mattifying effect which I love for underneath makeup as it doesn’t have that greasy feel to it.

To finish off I use the Herb and Mineral Mist which increases hydration in the skin and pushes up congestion while delivering active ingredients from the previous products into the deeper layers of the skin.

DMK EFA Supplement

Because my breakouts are mainly hormonal I have been taking a supplement that contains essential fatty acids to help to treat my skin from the inside out.

DMK Revitosin

I use this Vitamin A enriched product about twice a week to help to strengthen skin and regulate cell turnover as well as revise acne and scarring. It also normalises skin and reduces over-active oil flow which is perfect for oilier skin types like mine.

DMK Acu-Masque

Lastly, I have been using a mask about once a week to purify my skin and unblock pores. I also use this over night when I have a stubborn breakout and it usually dries it up by the morning! This mask contains Sulfur, Kaolin Clay and Eucalyptus oil.


the results

It has been about 6 weeks since I first changed up my skincare routine and I have finally started to come out the other side with my skin.

When I went in for my first consult I had quite bad hormonal acne on my chin area and dull, lifeless skin. The first few weeks of switching over to products with more active ingredients I noticed a big change in my skins overall appearance. The texture was instantly more plump and appeared bright and glowy.

At first I noticed my acne getting worse. As a response to the new products I had multiple breakouts as my skin purged and the toxins were released. One thing that was promising however was how quickly each breakout cleared and healed itself. Acne that would usually take a week to clear only took a couple of days before it was just a subtle mark. I also noticed how my pores appeared minimised and previous acne scars are now a lot less noticeable.

My acne has finally started to clear and I feel confident enough to go makeup-free most days which is a huge step for me. One thing I have learnt from this experience is that taking care of your skin takes commitment. Perfect skin doesn’t happen over night but the time and effort is more than worth it when you start to see results.